Rural electrification
Rural electrification is the process of making electrical power available to populations in rural and/or remote areas. EGCTP at the heart of the field of electrical energy, having proven itself since 2015 easy access to electricity in rural areas of Côte d'Ivoire.
Extending the electricity grid is the most obvious solution for connecting new homes. By definition, electricity is produced centrally using power plants (thermal, hydro, nuclear, etc.) and is distributed using high, medium and low voltage lines. Installing a new power line is only justified if the consumption density (in kWh/km²) of the area served is sufficient. This condition is problematic in the rural areas of our developing countries, where individual consumption and population density are very low, which makes the extension of the network economically unattractive.
HV/LV/EP electrical network
An electrical network is a set of more or less available energy infrastructures making it possible to transport electrical energy from production centers to electricity consumers. It consists of power lines operated at different voltage levels (High Voltage, Low Voltage) connected to each other in electrical substations. Substations distribute electricity and switch it from one voltage to another using transformers. An electrical network must also ensure the dynamic management of all production - transport - consumption, implementing adjustments aimed at ensuring the stability of the whole. EGCTP puts its expertise at your disposal for all your Public Lighting projects requiring work on High Voltage or Low Voltage networks.
Electricity building
EGCTP carries out installation and commissioning of electrical equipment in buildings for domestic, tertiary and industrial use according to safety rules.
We wire and connect very low voltage installations (telephony, IT, alarms, etc.) and carry out troubleshooting and maintenance work for your comfort and safety in a sustainable and economical way.
Industrial electricity
From the CIE electrical supply, we carry out the entire electrical installation of industrial or commercial buildings, under construction or renovation, in high currents and low currents. We intervene from the study (lighting, calculation notes, CCTP), until the realization on site and the supply of the files of end of business under DAO, while passing by the wiring of the electrical panels in our workshops.
In high currents MV switchboards (< or equal to 20,000 V) Transformer substations TGBT and divisional electrical panels Reactive energy compensation Generating sets, undulated networks Machine power supplies Ambient and security lighting Protection against lightning Heating and air conditioning In low currents :
Computer networks / Telephony Fire detection / Time management / Video surveillance GTC – GTB.
LV/MV industrial protection
The human body is very sensitive to electric current, international studies on the effects of electric current on the human body have been carried out for many years. EGCTP in the interests of quality and efficiency offers its customers electrical equipment protection services to reduce the risk of accidents due to electric current.
We offer two types of protection based on the most common causes of electrocution:
Protection against direct electric shock
Standard NF C 15-100 defines the measures intended to ensure the protection of people and animals against electric shocks. Apart from traditional protection measures (insulation, obstacles, distancing), paragraph 415.1 of NF C 15-100 recognizes as an additional protection measure, the use of residual current devices. The rated differential operating current must, in this case, be less than or equal to 30 mA.
Protection against indirect electric shock
Following a fault between an active part and a mass connected to the earth, a protection device must automatically separate the faulty circuit or device from the power supply, so that a voltage greater than 50 Volts alternative cannot be maintained for a sufficient time to create a risk of a physiopathological effect.
Computer and Telephone Networks
We put at your disposal our skills in the fields of computer and telephone networks, we do your telephone and computer cabling in your buildings under construction or renovation.
We offer the following IT services:
Computer and telephone network cabling
Supply and installation of cores and bays
Cable passage
Installation of connectors
Tests and recipes