Roadworks and utility

Our company EGCTP supports the construction of your access roads, as well as the implementation of your water, telecommunications and electricity supply networks for your home or business.
Road works and utility apply in several stages of your site: construction and maintenance, in particular for water drainage networks. These networks are essential to ensure optimal conditions so that your land can receive construction. Road works and utility can also refer to public works for urban and rural aesthetic improvement, thus concerning communities of municipalities and construction companies.
Installation of networks for your construction site
In order to ensure that your site is ensured in adequate conditions, we proceed to the creation and installation of your various networks. The networks included are road networks, sewage networks, as well as electricity and telecommunications networks.
Our company is able to carry out your projects, whether you are a company wishing to build a car park, a road or a path to facilitate access to your premises, or whether you are an individual building a new home or expansion of an existing fireplace.
Beautification of urban and rural areas
For communities of municipalities or urban planning companies wishing to beautify their municipality, we offer our services in VRD. Our team uses its know-how to bury your electrical networks, paving and paving your streets, or even repairing your sidewalks.
Surround yourself with professionals to obtain quality results and benefit from expert advice for your projects.
Border stone and drainage channel
Our team of experts also takes care of creating your border stone and drainage channel. Border stone are essential elements in the composition of roads, urban development and when renovating floor coverings. They are made of concrete, which gives them great resistance.
The gutter is used to channel rainwater, in particular to avoid any risk and significant damage that it can cause near your home. The gutter can also be integrated near a pedestrian crossing.