Video suveillance and access control

video surveillance
video surveillance is a system of cameras and image transmission, placed in a public or private space to monitor it remotely and in real time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At the same time, thanks to its integrated telephone transmitter, the alarm system instantly sends you an alert message (SMS) to your mobile phone to inform you of an intrusion.
Access control
Access control In a world where security has become an essential function, it is essential to control access to your buildings and protect your company's assets while facilitating employee mobility by eliminating mechanical key systems. Access readers, in an access control system, allow or deny access to buildings or particular areas according to assigned access profiles. Each person is identified in the access control system either by a personal badge or via a biometric reader. You thus ensure the security of access to your buildings. As a specialist in home automation, access control and other security systems, we ensure total control of your installation. Our scalable system will allow you to adapt your installation according to the future layouts of your buildings.
Gate Automation
Stop the daily manipulations! You can
now open and close your gate without going down
of your car, neither park on the road, nor go out to
open to guests. Increase the level of security of your
house by automating the closing and opening of
your doors with EGCTP. Centralize the opening of your gate, gate or garage door on a single command!
Video and Audio Intercom
An intercom is a telephone that uses an internal network; it is therefore not connected to the telephone network. It is often equipped with a loudspeaker and allows communications over short distances, generally within the same building.
the intercom can in particular be placed at the entrance of a building in order to control access to it, it is then sometimes doubled by a videophone (video intercom), it is then often equipped with a system allowing the remote door opening, gate automation.
Remote on/off system
The main objective of home automation is to make your home smarter, more practical and less energy-consuming, all with, why not, a little fantasy. Turning on the light without hands, automatic tap, your smartphone watching your baby, it's all magic, isn't it? We make it possible for your convenience.